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Refresh your creative self!

We all want to find the meaning of life and follow our inner drive, even if working from nine to five every day.

Most regularly people do their routine work every day in the office. Even if they meet new clients or new challenges every day, at certain point anyone can feel the detachment from the work, when facing repeating difficulties of the daily work’s routine.

Let’s wake up, we are adults now, but it is not the end of life, it is just the beginning of our nice life story!

Shall we forget those nice times from childhood, playing endlessly on the ground, even without toys or games? Every piece around us offered a new discovery, a new challenge, and forgetting the pains of the world we could find our flow, and joy.

Do you remember those magical times in your childhood when you could lose yourself in your imagination?

You could become anything and anyone, and life was full of infinite possibilities and exciting potential.

How could you escape now forawhile from the treadmill of the daily work, without loosing your momentum to grow towards the one, you deserve to become?

While we are adults, we should not let our thinking get into a rut, and allow our beliefs to become fixed and inflexible. Also our childhood dreams are not to be buried!

Life is too short to compromise with the given situation!

Let’s share with you some tips and tricks to get closer your purpose at work:

1. Try out something new every week!

E.g. Follow a new ways of transportation to get to the office. Walk a relatively short distance instead of using a stuffed bus, full of dull and angry passengers.

2. Find new people around you in the office, who can inspire you. Come closer to your intuition and get acquanted with new colleagues from other deparments.

E.g. Build some partnersip with the ones who are out of the network of your division. Cross-department connections may accelerate the speed of trust and information flow in the business.

3. Besides you family or pet photos to create a peaceful athmosphere at your desk, bring a new, surprising piece of art to rediscover and share something new about your personality and interests.

E.g. Bring a portrait or reproduction, colourful landscape or any other non-business artwork and place it around your desk for several days.

4. Take a creative intuition walk around the office at lunch break.

E.g. Decide to focus your attention exclusively on nature, exclude any noise of the city, through of the kind of a meditative plight. It will last few seconds at the beginning, but time to time you can extend, and feel like refreshed, with new ideas.

Why not decide today, to try to reawaken your creativity, and find your inner purpose to live your own life?

Dust your wings off, stretch them, and access the full-hearted joy that comes from remembering from your childhood, that nothing is impossible!

Beata Schaffer (Bee)

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