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Job search strategy

If you want to build up a job-search-strategy which really fits you, and want to see better the possible career path

Do you want to stay in a well-known, but annoying position? Are you ready for the change?

Gross price:

320 €



Brief Coaching Session to support the Coachee to define the Carreer Goals and build the Individual Job Search Strategy. Brief follow-up plan from your coach.

This package includes:

A pre-coaching needs assessment
A 60-minute Coaching Session over Skype or phone
Brief follow-up plan from your coach

Documents or written input needed:

Entry Survey

Recent CV
Link to Recent Linked in or other professional Profile

Questions for the Entry Survey:

Why did you choose this package?
Is it the first time, you are searching for a job?
If not, what have you experienced in case of your previous attempts?
What are your options now?
What do you think is the biggest challenge for you in this current situation?

Gross price:

320 €


How does Skype Coaching work?
For more information about (Skype) coaching process, please read carefully Our General Terms and Conditions and Our Privacy Policy.


Using the Application form, you send us the request for the packages on our website. Please include your Skype name and country in your request. If you have a preference for a specific form of contact, please inditate that information.


After sending you an e-mail confirmation request our coaches will send you a request to define with you the preferred time (hour and form)


We will also inform you about the payment transfer details with you on e-mail, since before the skype coaching session you are requested to transfer the payment.


We will also send you a short entry questionnaire in order to help to keep the focus and energy around your Life Coaching question, so that we can work as efficiently as possible, defining the most powerful, targeted questions for the short and focused Coaching Sessions.


After we agreed exact timing, we will contact you at the pre-defined appointment on your Skype name. If you prefer phonecall, it should be initiated and the cost is to be covered by you.


After the Coaching Session we will send You immediately our Brief Summary and Follow up Suggestions.


We will ask your feedback.


In case of justified Complaint we offer a Money Back Guarantee