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Based on the ICF Standards

Professional Framework

1. We meet the Ethical Guidelines and Professional Standards described by ICF, respecing Confidentiality, offering less Direct and more Indirect Advicing, Creating an Insiring Athmosphere
2. We establish the Coaching Framework through clear Goal Setting and Alligning the Expectations with the Clients

Co-creating the Relationship

3. We establish Trust and Intimacy with the Clients, finding Commonalities, Common Set of Values and Common Language
4. We offer full Coaching Presence towards the Clients, dedicating our Full attention and Switching off Any Other Media while Coaching

Communicating Effectively

5. We are experienced in Active Listening, in order to understand the Clients Without Judgement or Pejudice
6. We Raise Powerful Questions, using Brakethrough Questioning to help the Clients to get new insights, AHA and WOW effects if possible
7. We offer Direct and Honest Communication giving Clear, Positive and Constructive Feedback to the Clients

Facilitating Learning and Results

8. We help the Clients to Create Awareness, Building Consciousness and  Self Reflection
9. We help the clients to Design Actions, Defining To Dos, Actions, Quick Wins and Identification of Supporters and Blockers
10. We support the Clients in Defining their Planning and Goal Setting, using SMART Criteria to be achieved, Scaling, Rating and ROI
11. We Manage the Progress and Accountability with the Clients through the Definintion of Milestones, Checkpoints and Post-Coaching Actions