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Mindful Leadership: Sharpen Your Six Senses to be Efficient!

Nowadays everyone talks about Mindfullness.

Is it a Quick Fashion, Fading Slogan, or does it has a Real Content Message and Meaning for Leadership?

How the two different approches (Mindfulness and Business) can meet and even be married happily forever?

Minfulness, which is originated from the roots and philosophy of Budhism, and Efficiency, wich is based on the target-oriented Western mentality looks to be quite controversal ways of perception.

The „dating point” is: Let’s use the six senses!

Coaching based Leadership puts high emphasis on Listening. But empathic listening does not mean, that you just sharpen your ears. It requires the extention of your attention to take the messages from the other people. Let them be our business partners, bosses, peers or direct reports, we have to liten to understand them.

Let their thoughts, fears, expectations and requirement infiltrate into our mind, heart and soul – and become great in business just opening our minds to exchange excellent ideas to facilitate endless opportunities!

We know fro Aristotele since 2300 years the function of the five senses.

Le’s just repeat and list the Five Senses – our tools to become great listeners:

  1. We hear with our ears

  2. We look with our eyes

  3. We taste with our tongue

  4. We touch with our fingers/skin

  5. We scent with our nose

And what about the Sixth Sense: Our Intuition using our Heart, Full Brain and Soul?

Be honest, in most of the cases managers or leaders do not even use their five basic senses!

Fighting with the whirlpool of the daily multitasking challenges, they forget to stop forawhile, being mindful, and present in the moment, fucusing their attention to understand the full truth.

In fact if we do not look, hear, taste, scent and touch the reality, how we can pull forward and make decisions?

Without applying our basic 5 senses we can not amplify or Sixth Sense: the Intuition, to overrun the superficial appearance and surface to enlight and draw up the embedded, non-verbalised messages, the so called Superobjective behind the scenes.

This needs certain patience, tolerance and full brain in heart. In one word: requires Focus.

Without regaining, recovering and retrieving our focus and attention we can not be successful.

Without the ability of being present in the moment we can loose the momentum, burning out and ruining our human relationships.

That is why Mindfullness helps us to turn back to our real self!



Beata Schaffer (Bee)

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