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1. How do I find a coaching program, matching to my background and challenge?

  • Read carefully the description and specification of our packages. In case of doubts, start with a short programme, to get some insight how powerful coaching can be for you.
    • E.g. Young manager who does not feel that he can show his talent with his existing job, can quickly recognize the root of the case through a short insight with the coach.

2. What is the best practice to choose the right coach, who can offer support in my challenges?

  • Read carefully the introduction materals of our coaches. Liberate your instincts and let your feelings to be explored; find common values or verbal expessions to touch you.
    • E.g. Some people can feel more connected to a coach who is a male or a female, or has long business history, while others may feel confident with a coach who is a working mother etc.

3. Why can’t I find a program meeting my challenges?

  • Our programmes, packages are designed to answer the most frequently repeating challenges in life and business, including job search, communication challenges etc. If you feel like your challenges are not chanelled in any of our packages, please contact us for advice or try to find a short offer from our packages which may open a discussion and even satisfy you in the given life or business situation. Our experience shows that the real „issue” is not well defined before it is explored with the support of coaching session.
    • E.g. Some managers want to leave their companies, while removing their blind spot from their communication style they can feel the inner strenghts again to keep their existing position.

4. What coaching means practically, in reality?

  • Formally coaching session do not differ from any other consulting session. Nevertheless, in its context coaching is based on a partnership, and is based on quite deep trust between the coach and the coachee. Coaching is not an „advisory service”, so the coach won’t list you the best options even if having quite an experience in the given challenges. The coach will explore with the client the available options in his/her given situation without pointing and defining the next step. The coach offers a comfortable, inspirig athmosphere for the client to make consious decisions and define the first steps and quick wins for himself or herself.
    • E.g. The coachee has difficulties and problems, meeting the deadlines. The coach – even if experienced and has the trick and tips how to meet deadlines – won’t list a kind of to do list for the coachee. Instead, the coach will help the client understand what are the drivers and issues behind the procrastination as a phenomenon, and define his or her own actions to do.

5. How long does it take to achieve the targeted results?

  • Setting realistic targets is the key point of any coaching programme, besides building the necessary basic trust. Expectations must be alligned between the Coach and the Coachee. Coaching sessions can be prolonged in case of need any time with new order of the same or any other package.
    • E.g. The coachee needs an advice to find the best job. This is too vague target to achieve after a 30 minutes coaching session. Nevertheless the coach can fix the target to satisfy the coachee, defining the most burning need of the coachee, for example asking: „What is the expected result you would be satisfied with, after the given 30 minutes”

6. What can I do if the chosen package just opens „pandora’s box”?

  • The coosen package can be safisfactory in most of the cases. But it happens, that through the consious questioning any new issues, difficulties or challenges can be explored behind the targeted theme. In case you feel satisfied with the process, please order a new packake or programme to keep on and continue the progress.
    • E.g. The coachee has difficulies to meet the requirements of his existing job, and wants to develop his networking skills. Nevertheless the coaching points out that behind his existing difficulties he has family/private problems and obstacles. To deal with the root cause will release the energies to solve the inital case.

7. What can I do, if I do not feel I’m connected mentally with the chosen coach (missing chemistry)?

  • Missing chemistry, bad feelings, miscomfort can block the process, therefore we advise you to stop the discussion and start again with someone with whom you feel comfortable to share your relevant challenges. Let some time to your coach to build the necessary trust with you, but say a clear no, in case you feel any pressure or discomfort.
    • E.g. The coach did not keep promises (too late) or uses too offensive, aggressive or arrogant expressions, or the other way around, too tensed or shy, compared the style you would prefer.

8. How can I give feedback, or share my compliments or complaints?

  • You will be kindly requested to give your quick feedback, immediately after each session. Your feedback is is gift for us, a great support in our intention to continuously improve our services! We appreciate your fedback, whether it is positive or negative. Our quality assurance is dedicated to give you a quick answer, and offer any compensation in case of justified mistreatments.
    • E.g. The coachee was not satisfied with the level of the session. He or she feels there was no added value of the session. We investigate the case with the involvement of the coach through our supervision session and will come back to you.

9. How can I be sure that my problems are kept in confidence?

  • One of the most important base of the coaching relationship is the trust that the coach will not speak about what is told during the session(s) to any 3rd party. Even if the coaching is ordered and paid by the company, no confidential insight can e shared with the contactor or anyone else.
    • E.g. The coaching was ordered by the employer to develop certain leadersip skills of the coachee. By the end of the sessions the coach, the coachee and the contractor will share the outcome and summarize the results in a tringular discussion.