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How to live your life happily ever after with your loss and grieve?

Is there a pain and sorrow in your heart, after loosing the beloved ones? Someone who was in your focus, adding meaning to your life?
Such a shock can take years to digest, and through the first denial and rationalization, finaly you may get to acceptance. Definitively, but your life will never be the same any more.

You may consciously seek and find new purpose of life for the sake of others, who depend on your care and love. And for the sake of your gift of talents to express in new ways.

But can the „show” must go on, indeed?

I confess I had such an unbelievable, unacceptable shock in my live, loosing my 29 years old son two years ago, who died in cancer after two years from the diagnose, spent with operations and chemoterapy. This period was like we were sitting on a rollercoaster with him. We were hopeful and we were desperate. The whole family (brothers, sisters, friends and divorced parents) invested mental, phisical and material energies to find the best curements, to set an always positive, supporting environment for him at home or abroad, depeding by the required next options and opportunities.

Nevetheless we lost him finally. And he was passing away reconciled, never loosing his faith.

Even though he was one of my five kids, it can not be considered 20% loss. It was a 100% loss of my purpose, vision, motivation and hopes.

In the meantime I was lost in the whirlwind of daily business as usual. In fact, just ten days before my son’s death I was planning a team building training ordered by a university. This training was delivered in three weeks, just 10 days after my son had passed away. This was the biggest challenge of my life! I wanted to keep myself strong, but it was very hard to keep myself calm and add value to the participants.

So can we skip any phases of the grief indeed?

I was hoping so, but obviously I was fully collapsing later. Daily turbulence could help me to postpone forawhile the shock, but the bill was finally submitted by the destiny.

We have Halloween now. Why this day became so „happy-scarry” fiesta? This day is also known as the Day of the Dead. But still this is a happy holiday, even though it celebrates death. It is the day that some believed the souls of dead people come back to Earth, and celebrating the end of harvest, a new beginning will take place.

We have to learn that every life has its beginning and has its end. We have to accept that ther is no eternal life, and we are here on Earth for purpose. Even though we have losses and griefs. Even though we lost our child.

The Show, called life must go on! We are gifted with talents to be expressed in new ways!

I kindly advise you to look at the movie „Collateral Beauty”, with the heartwarming and heartbreaking story about the special breakthrough, the touching moment, when despair turns to release, and pain turns into new love.

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Beata Schaffer (Bee)

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